Why Beach Volleyball?

A study was conducted during the indoor and outdoor competitions at the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics. Two significant findings emerged:

  • Indoor players (non-setters) touched the ball on average, 17 times during the course of one set.
  • Outdoor players touched the ball on average, 44 times during the course of one set.

More Touches

2.5 times more touches then the indoor player, the beach volleyballer develops  at a quicker pace.

Ball Control

The greater the ball control, the greater the player’s success. Passing and digging, attacking and serving are all developed in beach.

Court Sense

Playing sand volleyball improves an individual’s ability to see the court better, and to make smarter decisions about where to play the ball.


Conditioning is yet another great benefit of playing beach volleyball. Obviously, working in the sand is physically demanding. 

Why Pacific Rim Beach Volleyball?

The Pacific Rim staff is USA Volleyball Beach accredited. That means you get top training in the latest strategy and technique. Join Us!

Come Ready to Play

Your health and safety are a primary concern for us, so we mandate that each athlete come equipped with:

      • Sunscreen
      • Sunglasses (polarized – active style)
      • Plenty of water
      • It is also highly recommended that you purchase a pair of sandsocks (about $20.00 online) – we recommend the brand Vincere.