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USAV/NCVA Membership and Club Assignment

It is time to renew membership in USAV/NCVA.  This process must be completed before your athlete can be rostered and therefore compete.  

If you have a Membership that you bought before tryouts then they are not the full season membership.  You may have a "Summer" membership or a "Tryout" membership but these are not the "Full Season" membership you need to be able to participate in the coming season.


Renew USAV / NCVA Membership

The link below will take you to the USAV membership page and will tell you which membership they think you will need.  Please be sure to use the device that you usually use to sign in to SportsEngine to prevent duplicate accounts.

This link is for Pacific Rim players only.  please do not pass this around to players from other clubs or you will only mess them up.  They need a link to their own club for registration.

This is where you should get sent.  Notice it says it is for Pacific Rim Volleyball.  You will be registering your athlete.  Everything will be much easier if you are using the device you usually use to login to SportsEngine.  (if not, it will create a duplicate registration)

Remember you are registering the athlete involved.  they may not be the owner of the SportsEngine Account.  If your account is set up correctly, it will have everyone in your household so that you can select the correct person.

During the registration, they will ask for the athlete's date of birth and then suggest a membership.  If your athlete was elligble to play on a team younger than 18 (a U10-U17 team) then you will be directed to a U17 membership.  All younger memberships have the same requirements so they only have one offering.

If your athlete is on a U18 team or will turn 18 years old before September 1, 2023 they may be asked to get a U18 membership which also will require completing a SafeSport online course before being complete.


**If you get a message saying "Tryout Pass" or "Summer Pass" then this will still connect your membership to Pacific Rim so that we can add you to the team roster.  The Tryout membership will expire before the end of the season so you will have to go to and register for the "Full Membership" which will upgrade you to the full season membership. Then come back and click the original link above to connect the full membership to Pacific Rim so we can add the correct account to the team roster.

If you selected a U18 membership, this screen will show up to make sure you are aware that it will have to be completed by the athlete before the membership is activated.


There will also be a bunch of waivers to read over and agree to before you get to the end.

Before you pay, double check that it says Pacific Rim Volleyball and that you haven't done this already on another account. 

(We will try to help you out so if you have any questions at all or want another pair of eyes on it, email and I will look up the account for you, if I can. Include your name, your player's name, and which team they are on, as well as your concern.)

Be sure to notify your coach when this has been completed.  Thanks.